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and sports science.

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From amateurs to high-performance athletes, from grassroots sports to the Olympics, Scoutfy allows everyone to take it to the next level.

We strive to help athletes, healthcare and sports professionals to achieve superior results through an innovative and unique approach on sports technology. Delivering better experience and superior performance by turning sports into a data-driven and fact-based environment in a way that has never been done before.

Scoutfy Platform

We developed a simple and intuitive sports management platform, conceived under a human-centered design approach to record, integrate, secure, manage, analyze and share data about sports performance, physical activity and personal health records, integrating and empowering athletes, professionals, sporting organizations, and leagues.

What you need about your personal records, anytime, anywhere.

Simple & Intuitive Web-based platform; 
Permanently updated and improved for free;
Tailored for all sports modalities;
Support the practice of several professionals expertizes;
Beautifully designed;
Easy to use;
Fully responsive;
Multiple languages - ENG, PORT, SPAN, ... ;
Simultaneously on multiple devices;
Able to operate in +180 countries;

high-performance in sports management.

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where sports, healthcare and
technology converge

We support our users to transform data into insights and insights into appropriate, actionable and tangible strategies to create meaningful results and transformative experiences.

Sports and healthcare generate data. Lots of it. Yet all this valuable information is usually lost or forgotten. We connect and empower sporting organizations, professionals and athletes, allowing them to easily manage their activities, and deal with a huge amount of data from members, competitions, training, records, awards, performance, strength and conditioning, physical activities, nutrition, personal and clinical health records, injuries, rehabilitation, and others.


Web-based platform providing control of integrated data, superior management operation and a perfected line of communication across every athletes’ sporting universe.


We facilitate your processes and operation by offering cutting-edge technology in a refined product that is easy to use.
Our sophisticated simplicity brings efficiency to your Organization, allowing you to do so much more and better with less.


Measurable, quantitative, objective data helping athletes, sports and healthcare professionals to achieve excellence.


Next generation sports content. We go beyond numbers and records. Everything that goes on in the sports world to motivate and inspire you such as events, competitions, publications, videos, photographs, images, art, interviews.
Let’s make your momentum last forever!

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we support 


You deserve autonomy and the ownership of all your data.

Build your sports curriculum and apply for scholarships and sponsorships easily.


Efficient way to manage all your athletes, pacients, teams and technical commission    members.

Perfect for self-employed professionals manage their daily operation and staff members.

sporting organizations

Empower your organization by efficiently managing your operation.

Support your community and communicate effectively with them.

conf. & leagues

Advanced and simple technology to manage your affiliations, members, events, competitions, teams, commission members, subscriptions and staff.

More efficiency, transparence and better governance.

how athletes, professionals, and organizations are dealing with
technology in sports?

paper notes!
word or excel
low quality
software that requires installation and becomes outdated
expensive and
complex ERPs
*followed by hundreds of consultant hours for implementation and maintenance

many organizations are lost in:

_ Information asymmetry;
_ Communication problems;
_ Mismanagement;
_ Archaic methods to record data, generating errors, losses and untrustworthy information;
_ Lack of transparency;
_ Lack accountability;
_ Incompetence;
_ Corruption;

resulting in:

_ Too much wasted resources;
_ Lots of talent lost;
_ Mediocre results;
_ Terrible experiences;
_ Poor service quality;
_ Wasted opportunities;

make it happen through easy steps


Connect yourself with your communities
Confederations, Leagues, Clubs, Universities, Schools, Teams, Gym, Clinics, Technical Comission Members, Peers, Teammates, Professionals...
simple and fast!


for athletes and professionals
Start to record, analyze and share your data, communicate with your communities and media channels. Keep your sports memories secure and alive!
for organizations
1. Create an Institutional Account for your Organization, if it does not already exist;

2. Add or connect with your staff and members;

3. Start a new era of easy and efficient management!
the magic will begin!

unprecedented effort to empower and integrate sports ecosystems globally

global sport ecosystem

sports communities integrated by Scoutfy

we have barely scratched
the surface of Scoutfy's potential

there are a lot of innovations to come

join us and be part of this revolution in sports!