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improve efficiency.
serve your community.
offer better experiences.
establish high-standards of transparency and accountability.

leagues, confederations and federations

Efficiency, Sustainability, Security, Empowerment, Knowledge, Entertainment and many other benefits.

It has never been so easy managing your members, planning and executing championships or huge sporting events.Responsibly manage, outperform other tenures, generate significant results and leave a legacy, while promoting transparency and accountability. Your organization has the opportunity to help us to design an unprecedented global sporting network.

Leave the old behind and embrace the future! Join us now.
Olympic Committees
International Olympic Committee
International Paralympic Committee
National Olympic Committee
National Paralympic Committee
International Non-Olympic Committee
International Sports Federation
International Federation for Disabled Sport
Sporting Organization Association
Continental Sports Confederations
Regional Anti-Doping Organizations
National Confederations and LEAGUES
National Sports Confederation
National University Sports Confederation
National School Sports Confederation
National Confederation of Sporting Organizations
National Sporting Organization Association
National Anti-Doping Organizations
Professional Sports League
Amateur Sports League
International Non-Olympic Committee
International Sports Federation
International Federation for Disabled Sport
Sporting Organization Association
Continental Sports Confederations
Regional Anti-Doping Organizations

supporting outstanding confederations and leagues

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sporting organizations

For professional or amateur practicing. For competitive purposes or leisure and associative initiatives.
You deserve the best technology to empower your professionals and athletes and serve your community.
Athletics - University Varsity Sports
University Sports Team
Athletics - School Varsity Sports
School Sports Team
Gym Chains
Fitness and Health Clubs
Martial Arts Gyms
CrossFit Gyms
Climbing Gyms
Yoga Studios
Military  &  POLICE
Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard
Police Academies
Special Forces
Male / Female / Mixed
for all categories
for all modalities
Sports TeamS
Professional Sports Teams
Amateur Sports Teams
Independent Sports Venue
Sports facilities for rent

powering innovation at recognized sporting organizations worldwide

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Increase your awareness, access up to date content, establish a close relationship with your targets, expand your audience.

Create limitless business opportunities.
Get noticed by a huge community of sports lovers, professionals, athletes, practitioners and organizations.

Stay connected and monitor the accomplishments of your sponsored athletes and sporting organizations.

Discover preeminent and talented athletes to sponsor and causes to support.
We create a direct channel with your targets to receive up to date content – pictures, videos, press releases, interviews – in real time according to your interests.

Our Platform offers you an intelligent Dashboard where you can apply filters determining the content and notifications you will receive:
_ Content Nature – official announcements, press releases, interviews, documentaries, broadcasts, etc.;
_ Content Format – photo, image, video, document;
_ Release date;
_ Region / Locations;
_ Professional / Competitive or Amateur/Leisure;
_ Sports;
_ Sporting Organizations, Olympic Committees, IFs, Confederations;
_ Athletes;Professionals;
_ Companies: Sponsors, Advertises, Suppliers;
_ Non-profits, Causes and Projects
We know that many sports “communities” and “organizations” are usually a “closed club of friends”, a “black box”, where buyers take obscure, unreasonable decisions, generating losses for their organizations for their own benefit.By the absence of coherent arguments, how they choose their suppliers becomes a real “mystery”.

Scoutfy offers you the opportunity to present your talent, portfolio’s quality, price, team expertise, execution capacity, punctuality, product differentiation and referrals.

While understanding “how things works in the real world”, these attributes mean a lot to honest and skilled professionals who are responsible for supply and acquisitions and act on behalf of organizations that are driven by high ethical standards and transparency.

With our support you can reach a lot of prospects and do business with new buyers.
Stay connected, represent your clients and explore Scoutfy like an open door to the sports world. New prospects could mean more business deals and revenues.

An outstanding opportunity to offer your services to millions of companies, brands, sporting organizations, confederations, federations, clubs, universities, schools, professionals, athletes and so on.

You can reach international brands, organizations and professionals and offer local support.

powering innovation at recognized sporting organizations worldwide

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Many governments face similar situations regarding the low adoption of technology, disqualified technical teams, scarce and poor condition in data collection, unstructured databases with outdated and unreliable data.

How to design effective public policies and allocate resources considering this reality?
How to obtain and evaluate the premises to make the best decisions?
What should be prioritized?
How to decide where to invest?

We are here to answer all these questions, offering adequate intelligence and decision-making tools.
Ministry of Sports
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Education
Other Federal Government Entity
State Secretary of Sports & Leisure
State Secretary of Health
State Secretary of Education
Other State Governmental Entity
Secretary of Sports and Leisure
Secretary of Health and Wellness
Secretary of Education
Other Municipal Government Entity

powering innovation at recognized sporting organizations worldwide

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nonprofits, research centers, associations

We know there are many unaddressed problems, the challenges are endless, and the resources to confront them are scarce.

We are here to support you with our technology and expertise to help you to reach your goals.
Athletes Associations
Professionals Associations
Sports Science Centers
Sports Science Organizations
Innovation Labs
Research Institutes
Research Centers
Youth Recovery & Social Integration
Youth Talent Discovery
Sports Development
Promotion of physical activity

assisting in achieving purpose

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Gain access to a huge market, thousands of organizations and a massive community of sports lovers.
With your Premium Subscription you will have access to advanced features on the most sofisticated modules of our platform: .analytics / .management / .score / .scout /.academy / .stream / .digital

Without insight, data is nothing more than numbers on a page. Our advanced features will allow you to find intelligence behind data and take control of integrated information so you can optimize athletes' performance and promote superior management operation in your Organization.

Not to mention, you will have access to digital game score sheets, digital scouting platforms, a direct channel to educate your members and train game officials, an on demand video platform and system integration between your website and our platform.
Scoutfy attracts a multitude of compelling and influential audiences. So when you combine your brand’s message with our platform, you get powerful results.

In order for you to have an assertive campaign, we provide a hyper-segmentation of our public. So you can target your customers by age, gender, location, education level, marital or family status, occupation, etc. And you can even go further and get to know their interests, hobbies, lifestyles, including which sports they play or like to watch.

There are also many ways to entertain and captivate your audience. Sponsor a channel, create exclusive content, broadcast competitions that are not being aired on television, create events; the possibilities are endless. Bring us your ideas and desires and we will create together and make it reality.
* Privacy is a paramount at Scoutfy. Our users trust their data to us. We don’t sell or share it for any price or in any circumstance.
Sell your products and services to a wide range of customers you might not currently be reaching.

Join our global list of suppliers and service providers.

Send proposals directly to Organizations according to their needs.

Organize your customer database and determine your most loyal clientele.

Selling more is easy.
We proactively look for opportunities to support diverse communities and promote our sponsorship programs. We provide our technology so you can maximize the impact of your Organization's initiatives, and help us to implement Scoutfy in more NGO's and Public Schools across the globe.

We believe that healthy, active and energetic people contribute to amazing communities.

Scoutfy, supporting sports from the playground to the podium.