the whole team in the lineup

It all comes to executing.
And we want you to roll up your sleeves and start scoring the minute you start working.

At Scoutfy, no one is on the bench.

collaboration and mentorship culture

Learn together. Grow together.
We have a culture of collaboration and continuous development. From an intern to the CEO, everyone has room for growth. As well as everyone is responsible for the development of the team and each others formation. This determines how fast you, your team and the company grow.
So when we are looking for new Scouters, we are looking for professionals who keep themselves up-to-date, are curious, always eager to learn, and love to share.
The relationship between Scouter and Scoutee.
We believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge.
A team is only strong when united and when its members care about the development of one another.
This is our mentorship culture. Together everyone achieves more.

develop your carrer at Scoutfy

Apply your knowledge. Keep on learning. Do something meaningful.
During the graduate program you read and discussed theories, solved many business cases and spent a lot of time at innovation or design laboratories. Certainly it is amazing!
Now, what do you think about applying your expertise and past professional experience in something new and challenging?
Helping to solve real world problems to achieve real results?
You will be exposed to, become expert in a variety of domains and make a real impact on the sporting world.
Start your career at Scoutfy building relevant and groundbreaking technology. You will spend your time here applying your knowledge and learning from passionate individuals around you.
Although overall demand is on the rise, the amount of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields (STEM) is not. We want to change that. At Scoutfy, we value and incentive the entry and advancing of women in engineering fields.