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Take  control over your data.

From your coach to your nutritionist, everyone contributes with data about your progress on your Scoutfy Profile. We will provide you the most comprehensive analysis of evolution you have ever seen. 

Sports Curriculum, unique profile, strenght conditioning and nutrition records, real-time communication and notifications, worldwide sports calendar, competition information, direct contact with media channels and so much more! 

Everything you need in one place, for free!

you can do more. you can do better.

Inspiring, supporting and challenging athletes to challenge themselves.
Imagine you are in control of all your performance data, analysis, training instructions, physical tests, nutrition records, medical exams, and injuries history. Being able to see your progress in graphs and clearly identify places that need improvement. The first step to success in sports is knowing yourself. Scoutfy will enable you to learn more about yourself and turn your data into strategies and achievements. All in a modern, beautifully designed and easy-to-use platform on your hands. 

One of the great features you will love is the Sports Curriculum; it integrates all your accomplishments including records, goals, nominations, competitions, and so on. The Scoutfy Sports Curriculum is the most objective and effortless way to request sponsorships and scholarships and to keep a close relationship with them. Show the world why you deserve it and you will get a response this time! 

Looking to make your life easier we also designed an amazing communication tool. There, you can communicate with your teammates, technical commission members and even coordinators of your sporting organizations. Any change goes straight to your calendar. So you will never be afraid of missing a text from coach or forgetting to set an alarm for your 6AM’s. 

Engage with your fans! On Scoutfy you will have direct contact with specialized media channels. Besides your Sports Curriculum and profile, you can also share your content such as photos, videos and press releases. This will help you to create an incredible fan base. Get people cheering on you! 

All your sporting memories and accomplishments will be alive forever!
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard and smart enough.”

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Amateur sports, Professional solutions.

You don’t need to be a professional to feel like one. Advanced technologies at your disposal for a healthy and enjoyable sports practice.

parents and family

Support, encourage, guide and listen.
Run faster, bend knees, more spin, focus, stay calm, attack, hydrate, eat well, recover. Athletes have so much in their minds on their constant search for perfection so they are very likely to give you succinct information about their routine and progress. We understand you want to know more, so you can do more. Thus we designed an account that will give you direct access to everything you want to know about your children’s evolution!  

Stay informed about the physical and behavioral development of your children as well as their aptitude and ability for sports. 

Understand their evolution by accessing feedbacks and evaluations made by their coaches, nutritionists, physicians and other professionals.  

Your children’s schedule affects your schedule. Access all their sporting commitments, practice times, travels, games and championships so you can plan early and be there to support them! 

Scoutfy’s Sports Curriculum is also the best way to stay connected to possible sponsors and Universities.
Applying for scholarships has never been so easy!