We developed a simple and intuitive sports management, and sports science platform, conceived under a human-centered design approach to record, integrate, secure, manage, analyze and share data about sports performance, physical activity and personal health records, integrating and empowering athletes, professionals, sporting organizations and leagues.

We combine engineer, artifitial intelligence, sports science, data science, design, and management in one smart solution.

Scoutfy reveals hidden intelligence in your data.

Where sports and technology converge.

Scoutfy Platform

- modules and functionalities -


All important information about your organization and sporting operation.


Enhance your technical skills, tactical proficiency, and attention to details.

Knowledge is power. Power your knowledge with Scoutfy.

Have access to every piece of information about your athletes so you can truly understand what drives change and performance improvement in your athletes.

Show them what is important and what excellence looks like.

Research, plan and execute.

for Coaches and Technical Commission Members

Periodization and Planning
Integrate your training plans with international, national and regional competition schedules;

Create comprehensive periodization plans for all areas and schedule all types of activities – training, games, tests, nutritional, medical;

Set goals and see your evolution;
Training Prescription
Create and share with your team daily, weekly, monthly and yearly training programs;

Build a database of your favorite exercises;

View comparisons of programmed vs. live training volume and intensity;
Coaching and Performance Analysis
Analyze team and player stats, GPS records;

Upload videos to analyze and create game strategies;

for Strength & Conditioning Professionals and Personal Trainers

Planning and Pre-training
Access to a complete profile and history of health, injuries, nutrition and physiological records of your athletes and clients;

We offer an extensive exercise library and the possibility to archive your own exercises, instructions, trainings and tests;

Tools to record and monitor Body Measurements, Skinfold and Anthropometric Evaluation;
Training, Tests and Evaluations
Easy training planning and prescriptions;

Import or build a database of your favorite exercises, or select from the comprehensive Scoutfy exercise database;

Presence control and real time Feedback statistics;

Strength and endurance evaluations;Create or use pre set Physical Screening Tests;
Post Training
At .analytics you will access statistics and graphics about your athletes and clients.
- Managers and Coordinators of Gyms/Fitness Centers;
- Strength & Conditioning Professionals;
- Personal Trainers;
- Weightlifters and Bodybuilders;
- CrossFit Trainers.

No more:

x Excel Spreadsheets
x Training prescriptions in word documents
x Emails for feedback

for physicians, physiotherapists and nutritionists

Record and Manage Medical Information
It’s simple to use, highly visual and intuitive, yet fully-featured enough to support file attachments and other useful functions. Record and manage all medical and injury information, from initial diagnosis, to treatment and return to play.
Personal and Clinical Health Record
Our clinical record gives clinicians a picture of each patient which is unprecedented in its depth of content. Collated for easy decision making, clinicians can see both the patient's clinical history and all the additional data entered by the patient (with their permission) into their personal health record.

When viewing any chart in the record, if you click on a data point, an overlay will open and allow you to:
- See a comparison against the previous measurement.
- See the date and time the measurement was recorded.
- Drag and drop to attach a file.

You can also communicate very specifically on individual health events in the Patient Record.Fully integrated appointment booking system.
Optimizing Athletes’ Health - Monitoring
Use the system for monitoring athlete health on a daily basis, including:
- Medical and physical screening
- Injury recording and treatment notes
- Wellness monitoring (fatigue, sleep, overtraining risk)
- Body Measurements, Skinfold, Body Composition and Anthropometric evaluation;
- Athlete Biological Passport (blood testing, allergies)

Create automatic alerts to identifying high risk athletes.

Monitor and manage physical loads and overtraining markers.
Oversee rehabilitation.

Record and track injuries through advanced treatment systems;

Manage return to play goals and outcomes;

Use the system to automate messages, notifications and email alerts;
Integration of mental and physical training
As sports science evolves, it becomes increasingly important to integrate mental and physical training.

Athletes and coaches agree that the development of cognitive skills and strategies to manage anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and emotions are crucially important in determining the outcome of matches.

for sports scientists

Collect and organize what matters.
Collect data from a variety of sources: Mobile Apps, GPS and others.

Record medical, physical, nutritional and psychological data from your athletes.

Bring all data together in one place and discover how the human body works during exercise and the main factors that determine performance breakthrough.

for recruiters and talent scouters

Augmenting your feeling, sensitivity and skills to discover talents.
Identify and recruit high-potential athletes, seasoned and prominent professionals based in evidences and proved data.Scale - Endless possibilities and opportunities worldwide. Amplifying your capacity and reach to identify new talents.

Several features to support your search and selection process.

Access to complete Profile of Athletes and Professionals with the most relevant information about them.

Access to their Sports Curriculum with all their accomplishments and performance history.

Use our technology to track the most talented athletes, according to your criteria.

Easily deal with a large amount of data with filters, pivot tables, graphics and other features.

Make your proposals under a data-driven and fact-based approach.


Efficiency in sports management.

Optimize productivity by taking control of integrated data and superior management operation. Cut away the unimportant and focus on what matters. Offer the best experience to your members and serve your community. Establish high-standards of transparency and accountability while still growing and innovating.

Be part of a new era in sports management.
Design your Organizational Structure
Design your organizational structure contemplating board of directors, councils, committees, boards, departments, areas, divisions, coordination, etc.
Register and manage People on your Organization
Register employees of your organization, especially those directly and indirectly involved with sports to manage their activities and allocations.
Flexible setup of access rights
Multiple levels of access, real time , 24/7 online.
Free and Integrated Communication
Send messages to members stored in your Membership database by Message, Notification or email;Real-time reports and statistics about Messages & Notifications (Sent, Read, Confirmed, Answered); Web-based, centrally located and accessible from any web browser with internet access.
Save time, money and resources.
No more communication problems!
No more information losses between hundreds of emails, messages, WhatsApp, SMS…
Getting everyone on the same page.
Notifications about practice times, schedule changes, reminders to players, and others.  Scoutfy Notifications call your attention to specific issues, even when you are not using our App or when you are away from your computer altogether.
Direct Communication
Private, one-on-one conversation between two employees or organization members. Direct messages are not visible to anyone except the two individuals in the conversation.

Group Communication
Many information is useful to everyone, but not every discussion needs to be shared with everybody. We designed a feature allowing your Organization and members to create Groups and invite others to joint it: HR, Operations, Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Trainers, Technical Commission Members, Athletes, and so on. Send messages and notifications to the Group and all its members will receive.

Manage your members into different custom Groups organized by sport, age and category, gender or functionality/rule - players, technical commission, coaches, referees, coordinators, volunteers, etc.

A variety of topics can be discussed with our communication tool: training plans, physical tests, meetings, operations, events, financials, competitions, supply and more.

A Group is visible only to the person who created it and to team members who were invited to the Group. Only the administrators can invite other members.
Membership database always up to date
Secure database management to administer affiliated organizations, players, coaches, other sports professionals, referees, volunteers and non-playing members;
Registrations and Transferences
Registrations and transference requests in one click – no more papers and long processes (a complete digital profile, picture and document copies);
Locations and directions
Location feature to correctly address any sporting organization or venue in your database:  associations, clubs headquarters, stadium, gymnasium, fields and training camps, swimming pools, etc;
Real time statistics about your members.
Seamless integration with Competition Management and Registration and Payment.
Competition Management
Pre game
Fixtures and ladder management, venue, match allocation and scheduling;
Team sheets and graphical team selection;  
Automated game reminder emails and notifications;
Seamless integration with Membership Management, Registration & Payment and .score

Live scoring on any device through .score;
Scouting through .scout;
Live streaming through .stream;

Post game
Online results management;
Statistics management for players, teams, matches, rounds and competitions;
Social sharing.
Team Management
Create a page for your team and add all athletes and professionals according to the season. Appoint new team and Technical Commission members. Incorporate them on your  Scoutfy Team Roster.

Register participation and results from the teams at friendly matches, official games, tournaments and sporting events.

Team Timeline

Store this group’s history with pictures, videos and documents and build a timeline.
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Occupancy Monitoring
Using online sign-up sheets for your shared venues and equipments in order to minimize conflicts and maximize productivity.Allowing adequate allocation of cost and investments for different sports.Associates can monitor the use of the facility in real time and schedule their recreational use according to the club’s availability.

Inventory Control and Equipment Allocation
Ability to conveniently supervise inventory control and easily plan and manage equipment allocation.

Online application to host competitions and events
Forms standardization and online application to facilitate club applications to host competitions and events.

Seamless integration with Competition Management
Maximizing the compatibility, interoperability and quality in the competition.

Attach Manuals and Display Usage Instructions
Administration can upload manuals and training links for each piece of equipment. This ensures that relevant resources are readily accessible to all members.

Accurate Track Usage
Administration can generate and download usage reports for cost appropriation and control or for billing purposes.
Employees or team members cannot edit/delete slots in the past. This ensures usage reports are accurate.

Receive Notifications
Administration can choose to receive messages, notifications or emails when a department or member signs up. Members can also choose to notify other members when they cancel a booking, ensuring high-demand venues or equipment are used productively.

Manage Downtime
Administration can temporarily disable sign-ups on equipment that is currently down for repairs or service. This prevents members from signing up when the venue or equipment is currently unavailable.
Efficient Logistics
On top of preparing all players for battles, coaches have to think about all aspects of team management. Managing a team is not easy, especially when it comes to logistics. Scoutfy is offering you a solution so you can spend less time managing and more time coaching.

Travel and Event Logistics
Transportation, accommodation, food, equipment, uniforms, documents, registration, services, staff, venue info, accessibility and locations, dates and times, commitments, etc.Meetings, recruitment visits and interviews planning.Seamless integration with Membership Management, Competition Management and Communication. Alarms and Notifications.
Order/ Purchase Requests
Track and process your Organizations’ orders from one central interface.Comprehensive list with all supplies demanded in your Organization, including products and services, brands and quantity.

Online Bidding
Announce your needs and receive offers from several suppliers.
Evaluate the best offers and best cost/benefit ratios proposals.

List of Suppliers
Organize all your favorite suppliers and have access to much better offers.
Check supplier’s reputation on the market before making a big purchase.

Manage quantities, locations and expiration alerts, technical details of equipments, tools, products, and everything you use for your operation.
Individual or Team based registration capability.

No more recurring paper registrations and excel spreadsheets.

Seamless integration with Membership Management, Competition Management and Communication.
PAYMENTS - Save and secure online transactions
Offer to your members the convenience to pay fees by credit card through Scoutfy.

Control and manage registrations and payments, with real-time dashboard and reports.

Ability to split payments across clubs, leagues and governing bodies.

More transparency and accountability in your finances.


Intelligence behind your data.

Gain a new level of insight with real-time analytics and community-based reporting.

As the sports industry evolves, determining the next key factor that will give your organization the edge has become crucial for success. Around the world, clubs are investing increasing sums of money into performance analysis, recruitment and scouting. Managers, coaches and players, supported by teams of analysts behind the scenes use the ever-increasing data at their disposal to improve results.

The value of data in sports today is incalculable. However, all this data can be overwhelming and confusing. Scoutfy will help you to bring all your data in one place and allow you to have a perspicacious view of the whole, leading to incredible performance improvements.

A step forward in sports science and health research.
“In God we trust, all others bring data.”
W. Edwards Deming
Interact with your BIG or little data
Comprehensive and understandable data analysis.

We collect and structure significant data so you can identify relevant aspects of it and use it to guide your actions and decisions in the future.

Share data analysis and reports with other members and organizations to ultimately improve efficiency and performance.

Scoutfy .analytics encourages unmatched gains in research. Our platform provides an increase in data scale, frequency and reach, leading to a tremendous data volume. We support you in dealing with this new challenge through an organized, personalized and simple approach.
Data-driven and fact-based decision making
Assisting coaches to choose the appropriate line-up according to the opponent team.

Helping governments to decide where and how to invest their resources and formulate coherent public policies.

Aiding sports Organizations to manage infrastructure usage.

More accurate outcomes in sports science research.
Real-time Analytics
Make better-informed decisions with updated information while improving efficiency and control of costs.

Automated population-based reporting and analysis.
Create and Share Reports
Create reports to see whether your organization is meeting meaningful use for population and public health objectives, Patient Reported Outcome Measures and other frameworks.


digital game score sheets, delivering real time results.
Precision, Efficiency, Agility
Secure and agile solution to record and review the data generated during the game and publish results in real time to all agents involved, transmitting everything to their Sports Curriculum.

Real time game statistics, graphics and analysis.

The opportunity to create valuable knowledge and give the data to the “owners of the show” – Athletes and Professionals.

Works online and offline. The data will be transmitted to the cloud when connected to the internet.
20th Century game score sheets
- Handwritten game summons;
- Inconvinience to store a lot of
paper documents;
- A lot of after works;
- Information losses;
- Absence of data and statistics;
- Lack of transparency;
SCOUTFY .score
- Efficiency;
- Data delivered to whom it belongs;
- Available in multiple devices;
- On Line & Off Line Record;
- Seamless integration with:    
- Profile;
- Sports Curriculum;
- Profile / Team Profile;
- Sports Curriculum;
- Media Gallery;
- Affiliation Mngt.;
- Membership Mngt.;
- Team Mngt.;
- Competition Mngt.;
- Registration;
- Real time statistics;
- Performance Reports;
- Game scouting;


digital scouting platform for your sport.
Data > Insights > Strategies > Performance > Achievements
Specific scouting system for each sport to capture, and analyze what is really happening behind the actions.

We support our users to transform data into insights and insights into appropriate, actionable and tangible strategies to create meaningful results and drive superior performance.

You do not need to be a statistician or data scientist to structure correctly, correlate and analyze the data properly. We have done the “dirty work” for you.

Understand statistics and performance analysis about your athletes and teams.
x  Incomprehensible and indecipherable paper notes;
x  Complicated and crazy excel spreadsheets.


best sports media marketplace
Professionals sell photos and videos at Scoutfy Platform.
Commercialize your media assertively and intelligently through a few steps:
1st - Take and Edit;
2nd - Upload at Media Station;
3rd - Tag people, organization, teams, events, places - to the platform notify your target and them they will find your media;
4th - Sell;
- photographers; 
- filmmakers; 
- artists & Ilustrators;
Now you can buy photos and videos through the scoutfy media platform:
1st - Photographers will take the photos and videos, upload and tag the medias on the platform;
2n - You will be notified our you can search medias from events, organizations, places, and so on...
3rd - Use your credit card to buy, save at your Gallery or download;
- Athletes;
- Professionals;
- Parents;
- Clubs, Teams, Gyms;
- Universities & Schools;
- Confederations & Leagues;
- NGOS, Foundations;
Media Channels
- Advertising Agencies;
- Magazines & Newspapers;
- TV Channles;
- Websites;
- Sponsors


advertise at scoutfy and connect with thousands of sports lovers
Scoutfy attracts a multitude of compelling and influential audiences. So when you combine your brand’s message with our platform, you get powerful results. In order for you to have an assertive campaign, we provide a hyper-segmentation of our public. So you can target your customers by age, gender, location, education level, marital or family status, occupation, etc. And you can even go further and get to know their interests, hobbies, lifestyles, including which sports they play or like to watch.

There are also many ways to entertain and captivate your audience. Sponsor a channel, create exclusive content, broadcast competitions that are not being aired on television, create events; the possibilities are endless. Bring us your ideas and desires and we will create together and make it reality.


Learn, perfect and perform at your best.
Direct channel to educate your members
Organizations, Confederations and Clubs can publish instructions, rules or any educational material;

Broadcast lectures and training videos;Share pending documents with members;

Check who accessed videos, read the content of documents, answered questionnaires or evaluations;

Convenience to you and your members by allowing them to sign terms of agreement online.
Up to date content to stay on top of your game
Be well informed and abide by all game rules;

Know the Code of Conduct and exhibit outstanding sportsmanship, ethics and integrity;

Do not take risks when it comes to your scholarship.

Stay tuned with the Eligibility Rules applied to you;

Set and achieve high academic goals following the Academic Regulations and stay eligible to play.
Easy access to game officials education tools
Break down of rules with videos during live game situations;

Proper signals and positioning;

Enforcement and penalties for player conduct;

Access to lectures and training videos;

Officiating courses information.
Access technical and tactical content and step up your game.
Check policies, rules and regulations related to the game, coaching, athlete development, interaction with players, and others;

Bring innovation into your program. Do you research in our extensive range of practices from top notch professional coaches;

Educate yourself and enhance your skills.


smarter sports on demand video platform.
Awareness for your Organization.
Entertainment for your audience.
Promote your Organization by generating and transmitting your content to professionals, athletes and fans.

Offer your audience access to live broadcasts and an extensive archive of videos.

Know who is watching.

Real time statistics about your audience.


It is time to show yourself appropriately on the web.
Update once, publish twice.
Outstanding Presence on the Web
We will bring you to the digital era through a modern, beautifully designed and fully responsive website.

Seamlessly switch between your phone, tablet and computer. Keep your website updated. It will be directly connected with your Scoutfy Account. Update once, publish twice.

Some of our integrated features that will save your time and a lot of extra work:
- Forms;
- Calendar;
- Sports and Social Events;
- News;
- Photos and videos;
- Documents and Press Releases;
x Outdated and ugly website;
x Terrible usability;
x Shameful exposure on the web.


the smartest sports store


Everything about your sporting life. Anytime. Anywhere.

A fully integrated profile to guide your evolution.

Use the intelligence behind your data to learn more about yourself and make improvements.
to pursue your Dreams
to train with
are now your
Scoutfy, following your dreams with .you
“I like design to be semantically correct,
syntactically consistent, and
pragmatically understandable.
I like it to be visually powerful,
intellectually elegant, and
above all timeless.”
Massimo Vignelli